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As an  independent support person I now have over 30 years of experience in the industry.  I started providing in-house support for a cable manufacturing company where in 1984  I was  responsible for the first personal computer system introduced to supplement the DEC PDP1175 system. This was a new field of support and involved learning how to network a range of personal computers together, to allow them to share files and print.

Moving on I became a Trainer and Sales Support person at Apple Centre West London. This led to learning a range of software programs in order to assist the sales team showcasing them to potential customers and also to develop appropriate training courses for them. I became very familiar with some core programs such as FileMaker and subsequently, in association with the in-house developer team, began developing software solutions on my own.

Later I spent some years as part of the on site support team for IPC magazines. This entailed replacement and repair of both  hardware and software,  plus supporting end users in their use of  publishing software such as PageMaker and Quark XPress.

Moving from London to Lincolnshire I worked in the IT Department for East Lindsey District Council, and continued to learn about network systems and Unix servers linked to Windows pc's.

Since starting my own business, over the years I have developed a full relational database solution for small SME companies and kept fully up to date on Operating systems in order to maintain support for my own clients on various platforms. Also, I provide web site development at a level to match client needs and more recently have expanded this support offering to include regular secure, off site backups and web site maintenance.

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