Website development

One of the big things about websites is 'what do you need?'

It takes some thought before approaching a website developer to try and decide what you really need, what your aims are, and who might your target market be. We can help you with answering these questions by a meeting prior to starting any development work. From there we can develop a close realtionship with you and start the whole process of developing your website.

It also takes some input from yourself in order to ensure that what is developed meets your own requirements, so you should be prepared to put some time into the development of your website as well.

One of the other issues with website development is the use and creation of the graphics needed. Basic manipulation of any graphics used is part of the development process with options to make sure that the size of the graphics fits the web design. Normally we would expect the website owner to supply any graphics and photos and also ensure that they have the appropriate copyrights for use but we can offer an additional service to source and supply graphics if needed.